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"The biggest dream and the biggest fear 

of humanity is to fly..."

Make the first step


   Hi, and thank you for visiting my page.

In a world, which brings so many expectations and pressure on who we should be and what we are expected to achieve, I would like to help you find the point where you can dare to be what you would like to be. You can also decide not to and dare to go another way.

In contrast with other coaching approaches to reach the goals fast and immediately, my philosophy in work is helping people open up in the comfortable pace and to have a long-term effects and strategies.



My  story:

   I am passionate about helping people to find their path in life, to find joy and pleasure in what they do & to enjoy their journey and the changes along the chosen road.   

  I truly believe that people are capable of amazing things when they love what they do and when they have a sense of freedom in their life choices.I always wanted to do things my way and choose my own path, even if it was not right for the majority. 

   I love to see how moving to and living in another city or country change people and give them strength to find a new way of life, bring new opportunities and how it can help to develop a personality.

   My background includes more than 15 years of international business experience in a multicultural environment.






I create the space, so you can dare!



   Coaching is a structured way to encourage  personal development.

   It helps you to better understand  your wishes and your abilities. To define your future path and make the first step.

   Co-active coaching is a two-way process. I can help to bring out the best in you, to develop the true you, so you can shine and walk further, with confidence.

​   Coaching helps you to see the situation from a new perspective and take action or make a decision. 

​   I use proven techniques and coaching models and apply them in a personal way, depending on your needs and situation.
      It is your life and your decision how to live it, I would be glad to help you with your next steps if you are challenged, or stuck on the way.
   A coaching process starts with a complimentary session to explore your needs and goals, to get to know each other, and to explain how it works.
   Sessions are available in person at my office in Riehen, by phone or online (Zoom).
   We can also meet in Basel for a walk-and-talk. 

     Contact me today,

so we could meet and explore!


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