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What they say:


Gisela Campos, PhD

Basel, 2019

Maria gave me courage to allow myself to think out of the box and find my real passion, she gave me clear directions to reach my goals, strength, connections and even tips to better manage my work and family life. She knows from first hand the challenges faced by expats, women and  mothers


Tiziana Sestini

Basel, 2020

I have had the chance to talk with Maria about different life/cultural  topics and I can just say she is an amazing motivating person.


She is a  very good listener,  passionate of her work, always showing empathy and at the same time re-energizing me by showing the glass is almost full, she is very creative and full of energy and I feel empowered and re-motivated every time I talk with her.


I really like her coaching style, definitely recommend her


Alyona Garus

Moscow, 2018

After I moved to a big city, I had to find a job. I was worried that my knowledge and experience will not be enough to find a good position. In addition, my professional self-esteem was very low, as I did not work for some years, taking care of my kids.

I contacted Maria to find a solution. She helped to define the qualities that I have and can use to find a good job and develop myself as a specialist in a big city, helped to update my CV in a functional way and be prepared for interviews. I could find a job quite fast and according my wishes.


Alyona Garus

Moscow, 2020

Currently I am looking for a new job and I asked Maria to help me  again. This time I felt myself my more confident as a professional. I understood that I want a new direction, but I could not define what I should do further. Guided by Maria, after 2 sessions I had a concrete plan of actions, and I finally could clearly see what steps I should take, what values are important for me in the moment and what result I want to have. Sessions with Maria changed my view on my situation, my motivation and my feelings about the change; it gave me great

self-esteem for my future actions.

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