I am very excited to launch my new #Podcast «Inside the Tribe»:

This is the time to share my work, my passion with you.

It took me 2 years to boil the idea, but it is the time to bloom!

My guests and me will talk about challenges, integration, adapting to a new culture, raising kids in a multicultural environment.

We miss our tribe: relatives, culture, friends, roots. But we find "new" ourselves in it. How to build a new tribe, a supporting community?

The purpose of the podcast is to help people who just think about moving to another country or just moved, to make their experience smooth, help them to find themselves in new surroundings;

to share our experience and learn from each other.

I am inviting you to explore this topic with us, get inspired, fell supported, have some tips and another perspective on being in another country.

Listen, enjoy, share and subscribe and reach me out if you like to share your thoughts and ideas about it.

also check Spotify and your favorite app

Enjoy and let’s talk.

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