The power of a little change!

Those of you, who does yoga, know that even a little change in your position, even 1 cm changes much. It changes the balance, the strength that is needed to keep the position, the pressure on bones and joints. In our life, sometimes we are overwhelmed with big changes that are coming or we want to do.

Make a 1 cm change, make a little step. It is less scary, more visible, and brings a little ( or sometimes big ) effect. It shows that it is possible and you can also reflect, how you feel on this little shift and if you should go further. Read 2 pages of the book in the evening, write to 1 person you havn’t seen long time a short message, do 10 minutes push ups, eat a salad just this evening. Do a little change, just today, just for you.

And don’t forget to appreciate it!)

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