Stay true to yourself!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

I would like to discuss it with you today:

We are trying our best to invest in self-identity, to know more what we can do and stimulate it.

However, we forget very often that it is also important to know our limits, what we cannot do. 

First, it is honest to admit and accept that we cannot do some things and that we probably do not want to. There is a lot of freedom and power from this place, which for many people is dark and not honored.   

When a person does not know this side of their own personality well, it can be hard to say NO, if we do not want something, or if it is out of our value system. It is hard to reject the opportunity, as many things can be tempting and promising.

“If you know exactly what is NOT yours, it is easier to find exactly YOUR way. ”

I  Knowing your limits, you know exactly where you are strong!

Rejecting not needed gives an extra push for what you really WANT!

Stay true to yourself!

Know all your sides!

#staytrue #sayNO

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